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Threat Reduction

Several direct human-related threats have been identified for birds. See below for more information

Cat With Blue Eyes
Cat With Blue Eyes


Domestic cats, both owned and unowned have been identified as one of the leading causes of bird deaths globally. Calgary is continuing to take steps to support the reduction of outdoor cats through a number of initiatives. Learn more about outdoor cats in Calgary

Window Strikes

Documented as the second leading cause of bird deaths globally, window strikes are both commonplace and easy to prevent. Learn more about window strikes

Glass Window

Light Pollution

Simply put, light pollution is the brightening of the night sky caused by artificial lights. Also known as ALAN, These lights can have a big affect on both people and wildlife. Learn more about how light pollution affects birds and what we can all do! 

Pesticide Use

Since the 1970's the effects of pesticides on birds have been known and brought into the public sphere. Despite our increased awareness, synthetic chemicals continue to be used to the detriment of birds both directly through ingestion or other contact and indirectly through a reduction in insects.  Learn more about Calgary's policies and individual actions here

Brown Insect


The Criteria from Nature Canada: 

Municipality takes regulatory measures and encourages voluntary measures to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated


The City of Calgary does not presently have a formal program in place to reduce plastics. There is however, plastic reduction and zero waste programming through Plastic Free YYC.


The Criteria from Nature Canada: 

Measures in place to reduce bird collisions with vehicles such as lower speed limits when passing through important bird habitat, and measures to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads (such as a good public transit system and cycling infrastructure).

The City of Calgary does not presently have specific measures in place to reduce bird collisions, however, we do have extensive bike paths through our natural areas and bike supportive infrastructure to reduce traffic in downtown Calgary and neighbourhoods. 

dog chasing bird.jpg

Habitat Disturbance

The Criteria from Nature Canada: 

Municipality has policy and practices to prohibit or mitigate disturbance of birds from humans or their pets at natural areas or important bird habitat (e.g., leash bylaw, no-go zones certain times of year).

The City of Calgary has policy and practices to prohibit or mitigate the disturbance of birds and other wildlife by Calgarians and their pets in natural areas and has a suite of policies aimed at preventing disturbance by city workers and contractors. The City's Natural Areas Management Plan and Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw outline some of these policies. In addition, biodiversity hotspots are recognized by designation of natural areas as areas of "special protection", "major", "supporting" or "parks with natural area zones". They are also recognized in the City’s Open Space Plan 2002

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