How You Can Help 

There are so many individual actions that we can all take to make our lives more bird and biodiversity friendly. Whether it is through conscious shopping or simply turning off our lights, doing what we can can make a big difference!

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Below are a few simple things we can all do.

Turn off Lights at Night

Did you know most birds and bats migrate at night? There are many different cues these animals may follow but the night sky has been shown to be one of them. When there are a lot of lights on, it can confuse their navigation and cause migrants to go off course. In addition, while it is not known entirely why, light pollution also increases the likelihood that birds and bats will strike windows at night. By turning off outdoor lights and unnecessary indoor lights at night, you can help birds and bats navigate the urban landscape safely!

Protect Birds from
Window Strikes

Colliding with windows is one of the leading causes of death for birds. Contrary to what you might think, while downtown buildings do get their fair share of strikes, residential buildings cause a greater danger. By marking your windows with feather friendly tape, specially designed stickers or simply an oil based sharpie, you can save a lot of lives! 

P. Otway

Conscious Shopping

So often we think of things that we can do that are directly related to our cities but many of the birds that spend part of their lives in Calgary travel hundreds or even thousands of kilometres every year. Calgary may be their summer home or they may be stopping over on their way to the boreal forests of Northern Alberta, Yukon and Northwest Territories. These birds often winter in tropical countries where food we buy all year round comes from. When shopping for things like coffee and chocolate, look for shade grown or better yet, Bird Friendly or Rainforest Alliance certifications. When buying paper products look for the Forestry Stewardship Council or Rainforest Alliance Certifications. These labels hold standards that help protect the habitat many species need throughout their lives. 

Orange-crowned Warbler_2018.jpg

Orange Crowned Warbler - C. Fisher