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Upcoming Events

There are lots of great things happening in Calgary for bird and nature lovers. See below for some upcoming events and how to get involved! 

Nature Calgary Bird Study Group:  Birding on St. Patrick's Island

Join Nature Calgary for a bird walk on St. Patrick's Island and observe the fascinating variety of birds found in their natural habitat. You may have the opportunity to see Bald Eagles, Gulls, and Woodpeckers, among other species. St. Patrick's Island offers a picturesque setting for this event. Walks are taking place throughout the year on the following dates: 

Friday September 22
Monday October 9

These walks are presented in partnership between East Village and Nature Calgary, with all registration fees being donated directly to Nature Calgary.

See here for more information and to register! 

Global Bird Rescue

Hosted by FLAP Canada, this annual event seeks to engage individuals and teams over a week-long period to document window strikes. Taking place between October 2-8, 2023, this event allows citizen scientists to contribute to a larger window strike dataset globally while also learning more about the issue locally. For more information and to register, see here

To join our local Calgary Urban Species Response Team, get in touch

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